Windsurf gear components. A list of useful and recommended products for Windsurf: fins, mast extensions, mast bases, footstraps, harnesses and uphaul ropes.

Gear Components 


Looking for a new uphaul rope for your windsurf? Check out our selection of uphaul ropes, from the best brands. The uphaul ropes are useful to recover the sail with less effort, remaining on the board.
Do you need new harness lines to replace old worn out ones? See our selection of windsurf harness lines: fixed harness lines and adjustable harness lines.
Looking for new footstraps for your windsurf? We offer a selection of footstrap to be fixed on your Windsurf board.
Do you need to replace the mast base of your windsurf? Check our selection of windsurf mast bases.
Looking for a new fin for your windsurf board? See our list of windsurf fins. Windsurfing fins.
RDM and SDM mast extensions for windsurf. Plastic, steel and carbon mast extensions. Mast extensions to increase the length of the mast and fit your sail size.