LOOS & CO - TENSION GAUGE PRO PT-1M PT1M for cables Ø 2.5-3-4mm

259,50 €



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Blood pressure monitor Pro PT-1M for cables from 2,5-3-4 mm, the blood pressure monitor that has retired all the other models. An economic and accurate method to check the tension of the cables. The ideal tool to determine the loads in the rigging of sailing boats. Tips and tricks by Roberto Benamati: 1)Rotate each time the two pins in white nylon, so that the shroud does not consume them in the same spot. 2)do Not leave the monitor attached to the shroud in the working position for a long time. 3)Attach the tensiometer to a buoy floating, so that if accidentally you fall in the water you will be able to recover. 4)After a certain number of years, you may however change the blood pressure, because it tends to indicate higher values as compared to a blood pressure monitor again. Good in the wind......Roberto Benamati Olympic and world champion Star.

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