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The famous "Big Yellow", also Nicknamed the padellone in Yellow or Cipollone Yellow, change the dress, is painted white.

The new model has some details that distinguish it from the previous version, which has marked an era. All the use! From the young cadet of the optimist to medal olympic!

The watch regatta countdown optimum time is, perhaps, the race timer the most complete in circulation. Can be worn or mounted with the practical support and velcro in a thousand ways.

Is the pond, which includes the time of day, a timer with counting forward (from zero) and a timer countdown of programmed alarm beeps every minute and in the last few seconds.

The timer countdown can be programmed in two ways: -1 to count down to zero and then counting forward. -2 for the countdown timer to zero and then repeat the programmed time.

The first option is useful for those who want to calculate the time past from the start in order to adjust for the expiration of the maximum time, the second, in the case of departure repeated.

The figures in the digital, high 2 cm, the diameter of the watch is 6.5 cm. The weight is very low.

Best Wind is the official importer for Italy, and is able to provide the one-year warranty on the product.

Quick Specification

  • Plastic cased watch
  • Elasticated strap
  • 1 row LCD display
  • The Time of day
  • Sailing functions with audible alarm
  • 5,4,1,0 sequence or 5 min or 3 min or 1 min programs
  • Countdown & repeat or Countdown and up
  • Sync button for instant syncronisation if a gun is missed
  • Count up from zero

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