Sailing equipment. A selection of useful or essential products for sailing. Tools, accessories, ropes, hull parts and products for cleaning and maintenance of the boat.



Useful accessories for sailing. Sailboat accessories. Waterproof and dry bags, rack straps, multi-purpose pliers and other recommended accessories for sailing.
Sailing ropes and sheets. Floating ropes, mooring ropes, sheets, core ropes, elastic and shock cords, splicing kits, straps and velcros. A selection of ropes and sheets, made of Dyneema or Polyester.
Boat cleaning and maintenance supplies. A good selection of useful and recommended products for cleaning and maintenance of your sailboat. Essential products to carry out repairs on the hull and on other parts of the boat.
Sailing Hull Parts. A wide selection of hull parts for your sailboat, and other types of boats.
Useful sailing tools. Sailboat instruments. Watches, compasses, tension gauges and other recommended sailing instruments.