Finn Shop
Spare parts, equipment and accessories for Finn dinghy boats. A selection of products recommended for those sailing with Finn sailboats.

Finn Shop 


Ropes and Sheets for Finn dinghy boats. Wide choice of ropes and sheets, suitable for sailing with Finn sailboats. Ropes and Sheets for Finn dinghies.
Wide choice of watches and compasses recommended for those sailing with Finn dinghy boats. Watches and compasses to be used on Finn sailboats.
Hull parts for Finn dinghy boats. Wide selection of spare parts suitable for Finn sailboat hulls. Hull parts for Finn dinghies.
Covers and bags recommended for Finn dinghy boats. Top covers, under covers, bags for centerboards and rigg bags, suitable for Finn sailboats. Covers and bags for Finn dinghies.
Used products for Finn dinghy boats. Used hulls, used sails and other used spare parts for Finn sailboats. Second hand products for Finn dinghies.