Stand up paddle products. SUP boards, WindSUP boards, and other useful and recommended SUP products.



Boards for stand up paddle. If you are looking for a SUP board, in our catalog you will find many models of SUP boards, of high quality and from the best brands. Also available many ready-to-go SUP full kits (boards and accessories).

Looking for a new paddle for your WindSUP? Check out all the WindSUP paddles available in our online store.

WindSUP useful accessories. Useful accessories for those who practice WindSUP. Leashes, watertight bags, waterproof backpacks, pumps and other recommended products for WindSUP.

Looking for a used SUP? In this category you will find various models of used SUP boards, from the best brands, at affordable prices. Great offers for those looking for a used SUP board.