Useful sailing tools. Sailboat instruments. Watches, compasses, tension gauges and other recommended sailing instruments.



Sailing Windmeters. To be used also in all those outdoor sports where it's important to know the wind speed. You can choose between simple models that measure only wind speed and maximum speed, or more sophisticated models with advanced functions such as temperature, perceived temperature (windchill), atmospheric pressure, height above sea level and integrated compass.
Are you looking for a sailing compass? Different types and models of compasses are available, with and without mounting brackets.
Regatta watches for sailors, with different functions that help during navigation. Check all the available models and choose your next sailing watch.
Sailing tension gauges. Tensiometers to measure tensions on cables and ropes. The ideal tool to determine the loads in sailboat rigging.
Marine VHF radios are the basic communication tool for boaters and sailors. Are you looking for a waterproof portable VHF? Do you want to buy a floating VHF? Check out the VHF radios recommended by BestWind!
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